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Random stuff <3;;

This is just a post to organize the random crap I have [stamps, mostly xD]

Pay it no mind. ^^

I'm Nuriko! ^o^ Get stamped!

I am Miki Kaoru. Who are you?

I have the evil of Mimete at sm_villains
I am Mara Jade Skywalker and a Jedi Master at sw_rating
I am The Baker's Wife and Millie over at leading_ladies
I match Merryweather of Count Cain at ky_rating [but Kurai was close!! ;_;]
I've been slain as Juliet! at i_am_slain
I am so Sorata over at clamp_rating.
I am Miss Jane Porter, a cultured beauty, at animated_beauty [but Alice was close ♥]
I pwn the titles of Anastasia, Aladdin, Hades, and the Cheshire Cat at princesscom
I am Ron Weasley xD at wizardingworld_
I am, not surprisingly, Remus Lupin at mwpp_rating
I am Isabella *_* at parakiss_rating [but I was this close to an Isabella/George hybrid]
I am Wil and Ephraim at fe_rating ♥ ♥ ♥
mirror_animate thinks I look like Anya and Kida! ♥!


Do you want to know what your tarot card is?Do you want to know what your tarot card is?Do you want to know what your tarot card is?

i&apos;m in gryffindor!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

[by dokidokidoki
I claimed Gaku Namikiri of Zettai Kareshi at watase_claims!

My Bible! *_* Go there!

Proud Member ^~ of:

The Worst Anime on Earth is crazy-ass Love

^ Aki-kun is hawt-stuff. <3

And so is Yoshioko! <3

The Worst Anime on Earth is more crazy-ass Love